Which way do we go?

This afternoon, DD and I were on our way to interview a potential therapist.  We were on our game.  We scheduled everything perfect, allowing ourselves plenty of time to get there.  We brought up directions and started on our journey.  As our conversation went from one thing to the next, we realized we had somehow missed our exit.  We quickly turned around and headed back in the opposite direction, laughing at how our chattiness caused us to miss it.  

We were cutting it close, but still had plenty of time and we both focused our attention to not miss it this time.  We drove past exit 31 and then saw exit 33.  The problem being that we needed exit 32.  Now, we’re cutting it close and we’re frustrated.  This was not our plan.  We quickly pulled over to get our bearings and realized we were just going to head in the direction we knew it should be.  We took the closest exit hoping to find it.  

We headed south.  We needed north.  We started to go down a street.  It was a one way.  We tried to contact the interviewee.  We had no number.  We did everything we were suppose to, and yet, we found ourselves frazzled, somewhat panicked, simply doing the best we could.  Eventually, we trusted our gut, found our destination, and asked for grace upon arrival.

It seems like such a simple story and it is.  But, it also parallels the past several years.   Years that didn’t go as planned.  Years that felt like I was lost. I was and it led to frustration, at times panic, and at other times heartache. Eventually, though, I learned to not only trust my gut, but also trust that I was being led by someone greater than I was.  Eventually, I took a breath, took in my surroundings, and found my way.  And, upon arrival, asked for grace.

That is what this blog is about.  It’s about that journey back to myself.  It was a journey of sorrow and mourning, that was somehow coupled with joy and opportunity.  It was a journey of uncertain steps coupled with deliberate choices.  

I don’t know where the journey will lead, but I do know that I will enjoy the process.  


3 thoughts on “Which way do we go?

  1. Lindsey, I love this first post! Your honesty inspires me, and your words encourage. I’m excited to watch your journey of blogging! This was definitely a beautiful start!


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