Cycles of Emotions

Recently, I’ve been trying to be aware of experiencing the things around me and seeing things from a unique perspective.  If I’m being honest, this thought process usually lasts for a few moments, and then the mundane parts of life take over, distracting me, robbing me.  

But, every once in awhile, something sneaks up on me and forces me to take notice.  Sometimes its something small, a kind act or a pretty picture.  Sometimes it’s a big, unexpected experience.  This time it was a series of small of events that normally I wouldn’t have noticed.  

As DD and I were going on yet another journey through town, we pulled up to a stoplight.  A young woman was waiting at the corner on her bike to cross.  She got the signal, I’m assuming recognized DD and a look that can only be described as exuberance crossed her face.  She pedaled across waving and smiling (without looking where she was going by the way) in front of us.  We’re talking smiling and waving the way teenagers do on a bus trip trying to get a reaction from the car next to them.  But, she wasn’t trying to get a reaction, she was just that happy!

If we fast forward a few hours later, DD and I were feeling quite adventurous so we decided to drive through a new way through part of the city.  (For those of you who know us, you know that this was a courageous act not because of fear but because of our tendency to get lost). As we were driving, I looked over and saw an older gentlemen, dressed up, setting in front of what was once a building, but was now deduced to a pile of rubble.  It was surrounded by theaters, hospitals, and restaurants, tucked away and forgotten.  The man set in front of it on a curb with his head down.  He was also tucked away and forgotten.  It was the clearest picture of distress I’ve ever experienced.

My heart was heavy wanting to know the story.  My mind was busy creating possible scenarios.  Eventually, the mundane came back and eased both with busyness.

A few hours later, I pulled up in front of my home and as I was walking to the gate something caught my eye down the street.  There was a man standing on the corner of the street singing…and dancing…and he didn’t stop when he saw me.  He waved and kept dancing.  Again, my heart wanted to know the story that caused him to celebrate.  My mind raced between being offered a new job to deciding he just needed to dance it out.  

I walked into the condo with a smile and then realized in one day 3 strangers had unintentionally shared their emotions, stories, and lives with me.  They took me through exuberance to distress to celebration within hours of each.  I may not know the cause of those emotions, but I was allowed to share in the result of them.  



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