I Think I’m a Snob

I think I’m a snob.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not intentional.  It hasn’t been always been that way.  

I grew up in a very small town.  It’s the kind of town, where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew everything about everyone.  But, deep down you really didn’t mind.  It’s somewhat endearing.  

Mom always had a pot of coffee going, because you never knew who would stop by.  However, you could be certain someone would.  Every night we sat down for family dinner, but family was a relevant term that could extend to family, friends, friends of friends…the list could go on forever.  It wasn’t uncommon to come home and find of table full of people waiting for you.

Life started humbly.  We had enough, probably more than enough, but we used what we had and rarely splurged.  We ate out once a week, on payday, and it usually consisted of Captain D’s or Connie’s Cafe.  Daddy brought us home treats from work once a week, as well, Dr. Pepper and Kit-Kat.  Humble, yet we loved it.  

Our life was made up of farm adventures, riding horses or 4-wheelers, Saturday morning coffee talk, and running out to the driveway everyday to meet dad as he got home from work to be the first to hug him.  

Life was simple and we loved it!

Fast forward 15 years.  I’m now a young professional living in the city.  My days are filled with a job with a purpose, listening to live music outside my window, and four different cultures walking simultaneously down the sidewalk.  I choose new restaurants weekly and now find city adventures.

Life is complex and I love it!


In my attempt to soar, I forgot my roots.  I go home and realize how much I miss fried zucchini, coffee from the Bunn instead of Starbucks, and that anyone is welcome anytime.

See what I mean, I unintentionally became a snob.

In my “complex” life, I sometimes forget to engage others, I forget to open my home, and I forget to appreciate the simplicity that comes from setting on the front porch with family, friends, and friends of friends.  

But…now, I get to have the best of both worlds.  I get to live the complex, fascinating, city life I always dreamed about and just a few miles down the road is home.  It’s still filled with thoughtful, engaging people to share life with.  

City and country…

Simple and complex…

Wings and roots…

the best of both world.


One thought on “I Think I’m a Snob

  1. This evening I spent time spray painting my porch chairs. I kept thinking how I can’t wait to sit in my old but new chairs and sip a cup of coffee. It reminded me of how I used to laugh and poke fun at mom and dad because they were always so content to do just that. My thoughts were drawn to the fact that as I get older I find joy in the simpler things. I guess mom and dad had alot more things figured out than I gave them credit for.

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