The whole story

A good friend of mine recently posted about judgment. It’s something I have been acutely aware of in my own lives, as well as what is going on around me. Recently, I was attending a zoning meeting about getting a home for girls who have experienced sexual trauma and the opposition was concerned about “damaged goods” coming into the community. My face turned red, I sat up in my seat, I was boiling. The lack of understanding and empathy was appalling. It made me start looking at my own life and areas where I lacked it; where I judged others. We are so quick to view others from our own lens, because it’s fast and easy, and well arrogant. What would happen if we took some time to see life from their perspective? Would our views change? Would we have more depth to our relationships? Woud we stop judging and start loving?

So you can come along


This word alone is more loaded than any blog post can explain.

Let’s start with the feeling it evokes when spoken, heard, read…

It’s a sinking feeling.

The very thought of being judged, or the realization that we so often judge others – it hurts.


“She has an amazing family. That’s got to be so nice.”

What nobody sees are the nights when she woke up to the sound of yet another argument. The nights when she heard her door open and there stood the younger brother in his P.J.’s asking for “a story.” On those nights, she read him “Berenstain Bears” to drown out the voices of anger and unresolved hurt. And no one knows about that one night, when a dead cell phone was charging, a voicemail was left by a sister saying goodbye. She was 16. They might see the “amazing family”, but they don’t…

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