I Now Know How Kevin Bacon Felt

I know, vague description. Afterall, Kevin Bacon has been in about a million movies, playing every character imagineable. But, I’m talking about a truly classic scene. A scene I have seen a million times. In fact, growing up I watched it weekend after weekend with my cousins at my granny’s house. It’s that infamous scene that led to teenagers being able to dance everywhere.

Let me give you a play by play. Wren McCormick, new to the area, labeled a rebel and trouble maker from the beginning, walks into a county council meeting with the intent to get them to change a law. You watch as he anxiously sets there waiting his turn. He looks behind him to gain a small comfort from his support, in this case an angsty group of teenagers that simply want to have a dance. He’s dressed in his finest, prepared with his notes, and delivers a passionate speech.

Last night, I found myself in a similiar situation. I walked into a county council meeting, dressed in my suit jacket, high heels, and black skirt. I had my notes that had been written, scribbled, and written over and over. I’m setting with our support group, which in our case is board members, male advocates, our landlords, and community members.

As DD is setting next me, I lean over and inform her that I’m suprisingly nervous and peaceful all at the same time. I’m nervous because, just like Wren, we are new to the area and labeled trouble (at least our cause is).

DD gets up and delivers her passionate speech about how The Covering House came about and what our vision is. Then it was my turn. I’m not sure if my portion was passionate or not, because well…I really can’t remember most of it, but I shared about the program.

Then there was 15 minutes for opposition. And, there was opposition. It was organized and detailed, coming down to “we love what you’re doing, but just not in our area.”

Then there was 5 minutes for our rebuttal.

Then there was discussion among the county council.

Then there was questions about the road…yes you heard that right, the road. Our landlord responded with “he would do whatever he needed to do to make it happen.”

More discussion…and more discussion… and more discussion…

We look at each other a little panicked thinking is this really going to get tabled because of the road. Our board members huddle up in case they need to make a quick decision on our behalf.

We sat anxiously, as they made a motion and seconded it. They then called for a roll call vote. Six in favor, one abstained. It passed. We now have a place for refuge and restoration for girls that have been sexually exploited and trafficked.

After hearing the vote, my emotions crashed. I didn’t know whether to cry, or cheer. There was hugging and hand-shaking and excited chatter. The reality of what we are about to do is hitting all of us!

As I stood in the hallway, I was overwhelmed by where God has brought me. I never dreamed as a small town girl that I would standing in the position I am in. I never thought I would have this amount of responsibility or opportunity. I never dreamed I’d be in a suit attempting to stand up for social justice, but here I am. I just continually thanked Him for allowing me to be part of this mission.

***As we were walking out, I had the odd thought and shared with DD, “huh, that must have been how Kevin Bacon felt with in Footloose,” and we both laughed. That might not have been my most profound moment!


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