Special Days

I love celebrating “special days” with people. I think there is no better way for relationships to grow, no better to see someone as they really are, and no better way to show love.

I cherish watching teens from my youth groups graduate. Not necessarily because of the ceremony (let’s face it after the first five minutes I’m done), but because I like watching their faces as they walk in, all bright and excited. And I like comparing that face to when they walk out, it’s still bright but now mixed with a hint of sadness, relief, and “what now.”

I can’t wait to plan birthdays with people. Whether it’s going out to eat or hosting a grand theme party, my heart is so excited when the other person realizes just how special they are because you took them out to their favorite meal, found the most thoughtful or clever gift, or were the first one to wish them Happy Birthday.

I love “special days.” But, my favorite “special day” is weddings. I love the beauty of what that day represents. Perhaps, it’s because I witnessed a truly wonderful marriage between my parents. Or maybe, it’s because I could almost compete with Katherine Heigel in 27 Dresses. I just love that it is a special day between two people and they let us be a part of it.

I also like that it is the one “special day” that has months of celebration tied to it. You get to help pick out the dress, try many different types of cake (which is why some people got to the wedding to begin with), and you spend many girls night setting around planning the perfect day.

When you’re realy lucky, you get to participate in parties, and by parties I mean Bridal Showers and of course the Bachorlette Party. I’m not the most hip on showers, mainly because I’m not a big, hokey game person. But, if I get to plan them that all changes.

Bachorlette parties, however, I love and this weekend I was able to attend D’s. I had no idea what I was in for. Her request was to go to dinner and then Wild Country. As I began to ask around, the faces of the people I asked gave a lot away. Some people love Wild Country and it showed. Others weren’t so convincing.

Regardless, we all decked out (in very different styles, I might add) and began the journey. Pulling up, I couldn’t help but smile. In my wildest imaginations, I wouldn’t have pictured it. We walked in and it was pretty obvious who the regulars were and who the Wild Country Virgins were (their words, not mine).

I was quickly introduced to a whole new world. There were people of all ages line-dancing their hearts out. You would be in mid-conversation with someone and suddenly their “jam” would come on and they would be gone. My conversation was cut short by “She Thinks My Tractors Sexy” (I seriously couldn’t make that up if I tried). A gentlemen also attempted to introduce me to their version of speed dating, also know as the barn dance. I was definitely speeding but not in the direction of the dance floor.

All in all, I have to say I had a blast. I loved that they had both a DJ and live music. I loved that they mixed the genres of music. I loved that the people were genuinely nice.

But, my favorite part of the evening was seeing D in her element. She was excited and truly enjoying herself. She taught us dances and we had some great conversations (I’m just going to say, you’re welcome W) on the patio. I enjoyed watching her and her sister T banter back and forth and watching her dance with her bridesmaids.

D, I know you are getting ready to start a new time in your life. I’m so excited to be a small part of it.


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