Sometimes Life is an I Love Lucy Rerun

lucy and ethel

I’m not sure if you have ever had one of those days, but I just had one of those weeks.

After a week of finding just the right outfit, something that could double as professional for a seminar I was presenting at and the perfect wedding dress, I slid on my red high heels and was ready to take on the day. I was a little bit anxious, but also feeling pretty confident, as I grabbed my life bags, set the alarm, and headed out the door.

That’s when it all started!

Somehow, while closing the door, one of my life bags became caught. As I tugged, my momentum caused me to wobble on my at one time perfect high heels and fall head first out the front door. For the record, red high heels seem perfect until you see them fly over your head.

As I lay there on the deck, I had two realizations. First, I realized that those red shoes were not all everyone could see, since I chose a cute little lace dress for my attire for the day. Second, I realized that as I’m laying here tangled in life bags and lace, my door is still open, alarm viciously beeping at me, and if I don’t get up in time it could set off the security system. No problem you say. In most cases you would be right, however, since I’ve been reliant on the kindness of strangers for my housing situations, I didn’t have a security code and the owner was out of town.

Scrambling happened. I threw things. I used whatever was around me to help me up, eventually relying on the doorknob and quickly recovered.

Did I mention that the entire time, my sis stood at the bottom of the steps, mouth completely open, and a shocked look on her face?

After recovering, I brushed off the dirt from my legs and limped to the car in my perfect, red high heels, because of course I had sprung my ankle and there was no time to change shoes.

The seminar went off without a hitch. The wedding was charming and endearing. I went to sleep that night happy and content, with just a little bit of pain.

The next morning, I got up and started getting ready to go to lunch with my sis. As I put in my contact, fire set in. Instantly my eye turned red with burning and itching. In I’m sure what was an extremely calm voice, I asked my sis “what kind of solution do you have?” Her response of “oh no,” was enough.

She immediately started apologizing and explaining. Apparently, she now has “special” contacts with “special” solution. They go into what can only be described as a futuristic, chemically induced contraption and after six hours it becomes regular solution. And, of course, the bottle looks identical to the bottle of regular solution setting on the counter.

“But you’re not suppose to put it directly on your eye.” You think!

I once again recover and go to get my glasses out of my bag so we can go to lunch. But, the bag is nowhere to be found. Realization hits again. It’s in S’s car. So, now I’m blind. We’re talking barely able to see anything, setting within inches of the TV, and waiting patiently for S to get out of church and come to the rescue.

What seems like hours later, S shows up the hero and all is well. We eat lunch and again I am happy and content.

Now fast forward two days. Ever had one of those relationships that somehow, and sometimes without your understanding as to why, becomes awkward. Well, I have one of those. I wish it weren’t true, but…

Anyway, A (my Ethel-like companion) and I decide to go to dinner and then decide to return some items to the above mentioned relationship. It was suppose to be a simple drop and go, but anyone who sees my car (which I practically live out by the way) knows that is virtually impossible. We attempt getting the items out of my trunk but they are somehow attached to everything. Everytime I start to pull it out, something else flies out. A graciously saves my flip-flops and helps me get untangled.

We get back in the car and start to head out when my awkward relationship pulled up. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know how to handle awkwardness. I don’t know how to handle broken relationships. So, as he walks up to the window, my anxiety started pinging.

As A rolled down the window, I may have panicked a little bit and all that would come out was “hey.” Very profound, right? What was 30 seconds of awkward felt like 30 years. A looked back and forth, and then suddenly said, “ok, have a good night,” and started rolling up the window.

I have never wished I would have invested in power windows all those years ago when I first bought my car as I did in that moment. Because with each crank there was a small creak. We all just sat there and watched it happen. I was in shock and awe.

A looked at me and said, “I told you I don’t do well with awkward silences.”

This reality took a little bit to set in and “what should I do” was never really resolved. I drove around the block questioning. A talked it out questioning. No simple solution seemed relevant or appropriate.

So, we resolved sometimes we don’t have a good answer, or a best answer. We resolved that sometimes life is hard and no matter how graceful we try to be we still fall down. And, we resolved that sometimes the best thing you can do is find the humor in the situation.

So, we went to Starbucks and I was (somewhat) happy and content.


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