The Stink That Stops You

After a year’s of anticipation (and by anticipation I mean “huh, I’d kind of like to know how that ends”), I found myself setting with my mom and my sister watching The Mentalist. I know, I know…so. But, you see this was the episode where Red John would finally (and by finally I mean “huh, they still haven’t figured that out”) would be revealed. The entire premise of the show rested on this one episode.

And, it was pretty intense. The uncertainty was there. Completely random surprises were there. And, there were a few opportunities to jump at just the right time.

It was during one of these moments, we heard it; faint at first, but then the scraping right outside the front window was definitely there.

At the same time, both Annie and mom looked at me which translated in “you check it out.” So, I mustered my courage, as mom followed close behind me, and quietly opened the door. I looked out and could see nothing. I then started to go out which was quickly halted by a “what are you doing? Get back in here.”

That’s when it happened! Before we had time to debate, the culprit appeared from the bushes. We quickly closed the door as it was the only barrier between us. Out of the shadows, out of the bushes came a …
images SKUNK!!

It placed itself right on the front step to the house. It’s beady little eyes daring us.

We looked at each other and lost it! Our terror resided, but then I realized, “I can’t go home tonight because I’m being held hostage in my mom’s house by a skunk.” How was I doing to explain this one? But, there was no option. There was no way to get out of the house and to my car without going right by it, and who wants to take that chance.

So, I got a blanket and pillow and settled myself on the couch.

As I lay there, I began to think about how often in my life have I let other “stinky” things hold me back. Maybe a bad relationship or job. Fear of failure or fear of success. What other people thought of me or didn’t think of me. Probably more times than I care to acknowledge.

Most of the time the “stinkyness (is that a word?)” sat there, looked me in my eyes, and held me hostage with nothing more than a daring glance and the fear of the possibility of what could potentially happen. Granted it held me hostage in a nice, comfortable place, but it held me hostage just the same.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this was not the time for me to courageously run past the skunk and take my chances, but it did get me thinking, maybe more than it should have.

Maybe, in this moment it’s not necessary to stand against the possibility, but someday soon it might be.

After all of the thinking was done, I smiled once again, rolled over and slept…and dreamt of killer skunks chasing me.


One thought on “The Stink That Stops You

  1. Love it. One it made me laugh so hard and two it made me think. By the way we both know that’s not a good idea. Aka me thinking lol. Miss ya girl

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