Leggings Are Bad!!

Ok, let me start off my saying leggings aren’t pants! I’ve been waiting to say that since the new (or should I say reinvented) craze hit a few years ago. But that has nothing to do with this post. In fact, this post is about something I have never written about before and may never write about again.

Plants! That’s what it’s about…kind of.

Last week, Laura asked if I would be willing to meet with her and the horticulture therapist as we begin to start planning how to incorporate all these different components into our program. I eagerly excepted, because I might be the world’s worst plant grower. I’ve tried on numerous occasions, with all different types of plants, everything from African Violets to cacti to bamboo to those plants that “are impossible to kill,” with no success. I’d like to say I just have bad luck, but the truth is I’m just not very thoughtful. I start out great putting them in sunlight, watering them, secretly talking to them and then I just kind of forget about it.

So, when Laura offered I jumped at the chance to go and learn as much as I possibly could. I just wasn’t anticipating what I would learn.

The horticulture therapist started teaching us about how we can start growing produce, now. He described how we can build a cart for indoors and start planting. A crucial element, however, is the lighting. He started describing how too often people put the light too far away from the plant, even a few inches can make a huge difference.

You see, apparently, you have to put the light right next to the plants, otherwise they start a process called legging (see it wasn’t completely random). Legging happens when the light is too far away and the plant has to stretch to reach it. Because of the stretching, the nodes which are where the branches happen are now stretched out and the result is less fruit. The stems also don’t have the same strength and aren’t grounded with the roots the same way, so they then have to battle the elements.

The light makes all the difference!

This made me think. How often do I choose to remain in the darkness? How often do I only look for the light when I have to stretch to see it; when it becomes a necessity for survival and I’m battling the elements coming against me? And because I’m stretched, and tired, and simply surviving I don’t have the energy to bear fruit.

What would happen if I lived close to the light, letting it provide me with the nutrients I need for growing strong roots, stalks, branches and fruit?

Would I love people better?

Offer kindness and gentleness?

Would I live in peace? Be patient with the growing?

Would I be joyful?

I think I would be all those things and more importantly I think other people would see the growth, the fruit-bearing, and want to grow close to the light, as well.


Leggings are bad!

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