Behind the Journey!

This is probably the hardest part about this blog. Trying to figure out what I’m “about.” So…I guess the best way to start is with a name. My name is Lindsey and I’m from a small town located at the very tip of the boothill in MO. I guess I fit the small town stereotype of a farm girl who couldn’t wait to get out and travel the world. I loved my “down to earth” upbringing, but always hoped for new experiences in places, cultures, and people.

The truth is that on this unpolished journey, I have to admit I have been very blessed. I have been able to have the best of both world. I’m eternally grateful for my roots that taught me about being kind to others, finding hope in your community, and work hard at everything. But, I’m also grateful for where life has taken me. I’ve seen masterpieces in Italy, worked in a hunting village in Alaska, stood on The Great Wall in China, and call Jamaica my second hone.

I wake up every morning and am amazed at the place I’m at. I know I’m in for an a journey, but I can’t wait to see where it leads.

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